Visiting and Membership

We are considering new applications for membership candidates right now. Before being a Membership Candidate you would come to Acorn as a Visitor. If interested in membership, the process will be explained when we respond to your visitor request.

Please answer these questions and send them to if you are interested in coming to Acorn as a Visitor. The emails are checked everyday, but there is a lot to sort through and respond to, so please forgive us if we are late in our response. Thank you.

As a Visitor you may potentially stay for up to 6 months without pursuing membership.






Do you have children? Do you expect them to come with you?

Do you have pets? Do you expect them to come with you? If so please tell us a little about them.

Are there any particular needs that we should know about? Disabilities? Serious health conditions? Allergies? Dietary needs/preferences?

Needs around living spaces, like being close to a bathroom? None of these will disqualify you from visiting.

Are you comfortable living in dormitory space/shared rooms?

How long would you like to visit for?

What is your interest level? Just wanting something to do for the summer? Interested in membership? Want to check things out first?

What is your exit plan? If you are asked to leave early would you be able to do that on short notice?

What is your Contact Information? We will call this number to coordinate visiting.

Who is your emergency contact?

Why are you interested in Acorn Community?

Have you ever been to Acorn before? 

What are your areas of interests?

What skills do you possess and at what level?

What are some aspirations or goals that you are interested in pursuing while visiting or living at Acorn?

What’s something that you’ve created, taken care of, or been responsible for?

Are you a self starter? Or do you prefer to be given tasks?

What is your personal approach and style in regard to communication, conflict, and sharing self- reflectivity?

Please feel free to write anything else about yourself.